December 18, 2021


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This event is for the benefit of the swim coaches.  It aims to: 

  • encourage and motivate everyone to stay fit and healthy.
  • bring hope to everyone as we recover from the pandemic
  • allow club/team/athlete to compete with other athletes across the country but will swim locally;  and
  • compete for ranking in a number of Age Group events including the Masters Group.


Participants in the Distance Event can choose to complete either the 20K or 50K categories.    Swim shall commence November 18, 2021(Thursday) up to December 18, 2021 (Saturday).  Participant can swim any distance on staggered basis during the competition period to complete their chose category distance.

Competition Venue: Participant has the option to swim in any pool size available in your locality, or in an open water.  A GPS measurement of the distance per swim is required.


When all result times are consolidated, top 3 swimmers (per gender) for distance swim, and top 3 swimmers per event per age group for the swim meet will be given a medal. 


Commemorate your Swim #ParaKayCoach with this event shirt.  Participants get this after finishing their distance.  Please make sure you choose your event shirt during registration.  Kindly refer to the size chart.



1. Each participant shall need a RaceYaya account to gain access to the registration and time upload portal. This will be your perpetual account which will give you access to other features in the platform. 2. Choose the race event and category you are joining. For CATEGORY 1: Registration fee is P1,000.00 and entry fee per event is P50.00. For CATEGORY

2: Registration fee of P1,000.00. No entry fee for this category. Participants may swim as many events as they wish. Payment can be made via PayPal, Bank transfers, or GCASH:

For PayPal, you will be directed and asked to log on to your account. Should you decide to exit and shop/pay later, please log om to your account to continue your purchase or payment. Upon successful payment, your registration status will change to Paid.

For Gcash payment, please choose the RaceYaya Payment Portal/Dragonpay and choose Gcash. You will be redirected to your Gcash Account to log-in and complete the payment transaction. Upon successful payment, your registration status will change to Paid.

For Bank transfers, payment must be deposited to the Account name: Valle Verde Aqualasers Swim Club, Inc.  Choose bank deposit and the payment instruction will display during registration.  An instruction will also be auto-sent via email.  Kindly upload your proof of payment in your Registration account. (Log-in at and go to your profile to submit your proof of deposit slip.) This will be validated within 48 hours.

Registration is non-refundable and non-transferrable. Participant should read all event details, competition rules and terms of participation before registration. Organizer may send updates via email and organizer will exert efforts to inform via email and social media updates, Participant is responsible for ensuring that they are updated and has access to their email used during registration.

A registration confirmation email will be sent to racers within 24H after receipt of payment whether via paypal, gcash or bank deposit.  This will activate your access to the time portal.

Race starts November 18, 2021 and end time will be December 18, 2021. Upload will be through your account profile in . You may also click the link in the event page. Registration start on Thursday, October 28, 2021 (8am) and will close November 16, 2021 (8pm).


Due to the current COVID - 19 environment, attendance of spectators is not allowed. However, it must be understood that the risk cannot be entirely eliminated. Limiting the number of people in the facility at this time will help keep the participants safe during the event.

All participants must continuously monitor and follow the evolving COVID - 19 guidelines from the IATF and various local government units. This is to ensure that all steps are taken to mitigate the risk of infection.

All Coaches, Triathlon Athletes, Swim parents, Age Group and Masters swimmers are encouraged to join this event.

There are 2 events offered, 20k and 50k swim.

1. Any stroke can be used in this category.

2. Swim the distance of twenty (20) kilometer or fifty (50) kilometer in one go or in staggered basis from November 18 to December 18, 2021 at your own pace and place. Start time will be at 6:00AM of November 18, 2021 and end time will be at 8:00PM of December 18, 2021

3. Participant must use any watch, phone application which can measure their time and distance. Start time and turn off when target distance is met for each distance. .

4. Participant must ensure he/she has trained well for the distance. Plan your training well, make sure you are hydrated during practice or on the event itself, and eat the right food. The goal is to finish the chosen distance at your own pace in one go or in staggered basis before the end of December 18, 2021.

5. There will be NO age grouping (i.e. it will be an OPEN event).  Participants have to submit their swim time and distance (through photo with date and name) within forty eight (48) hours after they finish.

6. Log – in to and upload your results as validated.

7. Official results will be validated within 24 hours after submission. Please check your email as we will be sending communications should your submitted results require additional information for validation. 9. You will be considered a Finisher after you have finished and submitted your 20k or 50k swim with verifiable link or photo.

I agree and willingly follow the rules and regulations of the race event. I warrant that I am physically fit to compete and release the organizers from any liability to the authorities or any person, or for damage to properties, as a result of my participation in this event. I don’t have any medical condition or medical history that prevents me from participating in this competition. I consent to the taking of my photos or videos during the event to be used for the event portfolio or advertising of the organizers, which photos and videos will be owned by the organizers. For minors, entering in this competition, the parents or guardians hereby give their consent for their child's participation and likewise allow the taking of photos and videos during the event to be used for the event portfolio or advertising of the organizers, which photos and videos will be owned by the organizers. Minors should indicate name of parent or guardian granting consent upon registration. I confirm that all information given in this event and registration form are accurate and true. Please tick the terms and conditions before submission of registration. This confirms your concurrence to the terms of event participation.

Participating in this event is still at the participant’s own risk. By signing up and participating in this event, the participant agrees to free the organizers of any liability to the authorities or any person, or for damage to properties resulting from his/her participation in this event, and further gives consent for the collection by the organizers of relevant private information, and other submissions such as but not limited to videos and photos of the events.

Participant has to submit their results within 48 hours after they finish but not later.

Log-in to or click upload results on this page.

Upload your results as indicated in the screen:

  • Distance
  • Time
  • Proof of swim: Photo with date and name

Your uploads will update in the live leaderboard automatically. This, however, is not validated yet. Validation will be done within 24 hours after upload. This will update in your results as validated once confirmed. Official Results will be available within twenty-four hours after submission. Please check your email as we will be sending communications should your submission require additional information for validation.

Any protest on the published results should be done via email at [email protected] not later than twenty four (24) hours from time of activity. No protest will be entertained unless the protest fee of P2,000.00 is paid (through Paypal, Bank transfers or GCASH, following payment guidelines in D.4). Any form of bashing and disrespectful post against other participants will not be permitted. The organizing committee will decide on the protest submitted and its decision is considered final.

You can log-on to your account and click your profile.  Click PENDING Payment and choose the payment status.  You may pay via bank deposit, Gcash or paypal.

After registration, your VVASC Virtual Fun Swim Meet registration status can be seen in your profile.  Log-in at and click your profile.

SUBMITTED NOT PAID: After submission of registration and before payment, your registration is set to PENDING PAYMENT. This will change after you have paid via GCash or Paypal or have uploaded your bank deposit proof of payment. An email is auto sent with payment instruction for bank deposit.

PAID: Your status is set to PAID after successfully paying via Paupal, your payment is paid via Dragonpay-Gcash or proof of payment is uploaded to your account if bank deposit.

REGISTERED Your status is set to Registered when registration is confirmed. You will also receive an email confirmation. You may start logging on to to start your race.

Please log-on to your profile and click SHOP.  You can see the other competition events and merchandise to choose from.  Follow the instruction and pay using the available payment options.

If you are joining as a team of 10 or more swimmers, you may make consolidated payments.

Registration should still be done individually as each participant is required to have an account.

You may pay as a group by way of a bank deposit thru the Valle Verde Aqualasers Swim Club, Inc’s. BDO account.

Before doing so, please coordinate directly with Mr. Ray Lopez thru his email at _______________

Kindly be advised however that although payment may de done 1 time as a group, each swimmer will still need to register and create an account individually at Race Yaya by following the steps above.

Having / Creating a Race Yaya account is crucial as each swimmer will only be able to submit their videos (times) thru their Race Yaya account. It is also thru the swimmer’s account, that he/she will have access to purchase all event merchandise/s offered. Watch out for our exciting merchandise.

Please click on the questions or browsed through the Swim Meet Guidelines above. Should there be additional questions, you may reach out to us at [email protected]

You may join both the swim meet and distance event categories.

For the swim meet, you may join at least one or all competition categories in your age group as follows:

12 and below

  • 25m Fl, 25m Ba, 25m Br, 25m Fr,
  • 50m Fl, 50m BA, 50m Br, 50m Fr,
  • 100m Fr, 100m IM,

13 to 18 years

  • 50m Fl, 50m Ba, 50m Br, 50m Fr,
  • 100m Fl, 100m Ba, 100m Br, 100m Fr,
  • 100m IM, 200m IM

19 to 24 years old

  • 50m Fl, 50m Ba, 50m Br, 50m Fr,
  • 100m Fl, 100m Ba, 100m Br,
  • 100m Fr, ▪ 100m IM, 200m IM

25 to 50 years old

  • 25m Fl, 25m Ba, 25m Br, 25m Fr,
  •  50m Fr,

51&Above years old

  • 25m Fl, 25m Ba, 25m Br, 25m Fr,
  • 50m Fr

Simply log-in to your account.

  • Submit and upload your video time/s thru your Race Yaya account.
  • The technical committee will review your submission and will validate your time/s. Should there be any concerns or additional validations needed, the technical committee will get in touch with you through the contact details you provided.

Some important reminders:

  • Remember that Category 1 (Swim Meet) is a short course meet. Hence, pool needs to be a 25-meter pool.
  • Remember that you will need to submit/upload your videos within 48 hours from the time of your swimming the particular event. (Period of events: Category 1 starts from 6:00 am on 4th December 2021 and ends at 8:00 pm on 18th December 2021. Category 2 starts from 6:00 am on 18th November 2021 and ends at 8:00 pm on 18th December 2021.)
  • Participants are allowed to submit up to a maximum of three (3) video-time submissions per event. Sounds so forgiving right? Yes, that means that if a swimmer is not satisfied with his/her initial video-time submission, then the swimmer, can still attempt to improve his/her time, if he/she chooses to. This gives the swimmer the chance to submit their best time! Please note however that per Rules, the latest submission/upload per event will be the one considered as the final time of the swimmer. Meaning, it automatically supersedes the previously submitted video. Remember, only up to a maximum of 3 video-time submissions per event.

For Category 1 Timing. Bearing in mind that this is a Virtual Swim event, specifically for Category 1 (Swim Meet), you will need to use a video-timing app and upload the unedited file in a publicly visible link.

We highly recommend using the StopWatchVideo app. The app is available for download for free at your App store for iOS (iphone users) and also Android users. If you are using other video timing apps, however, the basic requirements should be: 1) Make sure it is compatible for uploading the link at Race yaya or 2) Stop watch can clearly be seen.    You may also upload to any online drive (google drive or one drive), social media account which should be set to public viewing.

The video-timing app should at all times conspicuously show at the screen the “Stop Watch” with minutes and seconds. The video must be clear;

lf taking the video, the following must be met:

  • The face of the swimmer must be clearly seen.
  • Obviously, the video coverage (timing) should start from prior to the commencement of the dive, until the swim ends.
  • The swimmer touching the wall must be visible in the video to validate the end of timing.

For Category 2 (Distance swim) No need for video-timing app. No required pool size (short or long course is ok). Open water is very much welcomed. Swimmer will however be required to use a GPS-equipped watch or any app (if swimmer does not have a GPS-equipped watch) that will be able to importantly measure both TIME and DISTANCE of their swim. Only photo is required for submission. Take a photo of your gps-equipped watch or app, showing the TIME and DISTANCE of your swim including date of swim. Submission/uploading must be done at the swimmer’s Race Yaya account within 48 hours of swim.</p>

The video is required only for the SWIM MEET participants

1. Prior to the swim, start the video of the participant by identifying or saying his/her name, age group and followed by the specific event and distance he or she is swimming.

2. Angle of the shot should be taken at the side of the pool.

3. Commands to be used to start the swim. 1st command - “Take your mark!” 2nd command and to release the swimmer: say “Go!” or use whistle. (Note: official swim time starts) and;

4. Coach or volunteer who is taking the video should follow the swimmer from the beginning of the swim up to the end of the swim. (See sample video attached)

5. Video must clearly show the legal touch or finish made by the participant (note: official swim time ends), and also the actual time.

Don’t forget to enjoy your swim, take photos and share your #vvascvirtualfunswim #RaceYa #yourRaceyaya experience with others. Tag us so we can feature you.

Registration Ended

11 months ago