Vitalified Break-in Run 2022

October 23, 2022


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3 months ago

Vitalified Break-in Virtual Run 2022

Event Date and Time: 10/23/2022 5am-7am
Event Venue: Virtual
Event Categories: 10k
Event Fees per Category: Free
Event Details: open to all ages nationwide (50 slots)
Event Description: To welcome all new members of the team

General Rules:

1. Must complete 10km through Strava App
2. Must use vitality jersey
3. Must take picture after race (Tag AIA vitality)
4. proof of activity completion (Strava)"

Note: Proof of activity required is Strava

Gun Start:

  • 5am(gun start) 
  • 7am(cut of time)"

Open for All ages (Male and Female)

Registration Ended

3 months ago