Tawid Mountain Marathon 2024

June 23, 2024


PHP 1,500

12km Trail

PHP 2,500

24km Trail

PHP 3,500

42km Marathon Trail

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The Tawid Mountain Marathon is an exhilarating trail marathon held in the scenic region of Bontoc, Philippines., organized jointly by the Tawid Multisports Group since 2016.

This event embodies the spirit of adventure and endurance amidst breathtaking natural landscapes.

Runners from across the globe converge to challenge themselves against rugged terrain, steep ascents, and winding paths, all while immersed in the beauty of the Cordillera mountain ranges. With its commitment to promoting sustainable trail running and showcasing the stunning beauty of Bontoc's wilderness, the Tawid Mountain Marathon stands as a premier event in the trail running community, offering both seasoned athletes and enthusiasts an unforgettable experience in the heart of the Philippines.

On its 9th year, the event will be part of the Southeast Asia Trail Running Cup as the Open Category. The SEA Trail Running Cup is organized by the Southeast Asian Trail Running Confederation and the Philippine Trail Running Association happening from June 19 to 23. The Southeast Asian Trail Running Cup - the pinnacle of mountain trail running in Southeast Asia. This biennial competition gathers the finest trail runners from every corner of the Southeast Asian region to showcase their prowess in the challenging and awe-inspiring terrains of mountainous landscapes.   

Event Dates: June 23, 2024
Start/Finish Area: Municipal Capitol, Bontoc Mountain Province (June 11, 2023)


42KM Trail

  • Regular P3500
  • Early Bird P3000

24KM Trail

  • Regular  P2500
  • Early Bird  P2000

12KM Trail

  • Regular  P1500
  • Early Bird  P1250



1. It is the athlete’s responsibility to understand and know the rules and regulations before entering the course and participating in the competition.

2. Cut off time is 12 hours for 42K and 8 Hours for 24km and 5 Hours for 12km; failure to finish the race within the cut off time will mean a DNF (Did Not Finish) status on the race result. (Cut-off may change which will be announced in this page)

3. Athletes are not allowed to race bare chested. We must respect the culture of the people living in the race area. Failure to comply to this rule might result in disqualification from the race.

4. Athletes are required to report to the start area 1 hour prior to the start of their designated wave for mandatory gear check and short briefing and reminders. Reporting too late can result in not being able to start at all or having to start in a later start group. The organization can decide if the time for starting later will be compensated or not.

6. For those parts of the course that public roads are used, athletes must respect traffic regulations and behave like how (running) pedestrians are expected to behave.

7. Deliberately blocking other competitors progress will result in disqualification.

8. There will be no (time) compensation in case the competitor is blocked by another competitor, official, any other person or anything else.

9. Athletes are required to provide and accept assistance from other competitors in distress, whose safety, is endangered and/or who require medical assistance, up and until the moment this role has been taken over by volunteers or medical staff.

10. Outside assistance:

- Limited outside assistance is allowed from another athlete competing in the same event.

0 No outside assistance is allowed from any person not competing in the same event. These include but are not limited to spectators, friends, family, volunteers, support crew, photographers, police or marshals

11. Athletes are obligated to:

  • Know, understand and follow the rules and regulations at all times
  • Practice good sportsmanship at all times
  • Be responsible for their own safety and the safety of others
  • Obey instructions from race officials and event staff at all times
  • Treat other athletes, officials, volunteers, media, sponsors and spectators with respect and courtesy
  • Not dispose litter or equipment on or around the course except at clearly designated places. All items must be kept with the athlete and disposed of appropriately at the end of the race
  • Not attempt to gain unfair advantages in any way
  • Have to be present at the briefing which starts 1 hour before the first start group starts.


There will be Water refilling stations along the Race Course.   It’s a must that you bring your own water bottle or Hydration packs to ensure proper hydration all throughout the race, no paper cups will be provided during the race and racers will be required to refill their own hydration system from the water containers provided in the stations.

42km: Each racer must be self-contained/ self-reliant complete with the following mandatory items:

Headlamp with extra battery


Hydration bottle/ pack (at least 1.5L)

Trail food/ water

First aid kit


Emergency blanket

Foldable Cup or bowl 

Cellular Phone (with capability to call the organizer)

25km: Each racer must be self-contained/ self-reliant complete with the following mandatory items:



Hydration bottle/ pack (at least 800ml)

Trail food/ water


Emergency blanket

Foldable Cup or bowl

Cellular Phone (with capability to call the organizer)

12km: Each runner must be self-contained/ self-reliant. Complete with the following mandatory items:

· Hydration bottle/ pack (at least 800ml)

· Water

· Whistle

· Trail Food (optional)

· Jacket (Optional)

· Emergency blanket

Cellular Phone (with capability to call the organizer)

NOTE: These mandatory items will be inspected upon check-in at the starting line and during the race. Mandatory items may change depending on the weather and trail condition.

Participants should prepare and gear up for the high altitude and cold weather conditions in the mountain trails.


1. Protests of any nature must be submitted within one hour of the finish time of the person lodging the protest. Protests must be submitted in writing and signed by the accuser. Saying somebody cut the course is not good enough – it must be written and described as accurately as possible. All protests will be investigated.

2. Because of the nature of off road races, it is not always possible to see infractions.

3. This race is in the woods, out of sight and marshalled only where necessary. In every case there will need to be verification of the infraction. Officials will not be drawn into a “hear-say” argument.


This event supports and is a member of the International Trail Running Association (ITRA). Participants shall get ITRA points and will be ranked based on their performance in the ITRA National League.


We are thrilled to announce the inclusion of Tawid Mountain Marathon  in the Philtra Championships qualifiers. This partnership not only elevates the profile of trail running but also provides a platform for athletes to challenge themselves and showcase their talents on a competitive stage. We look forward to hosting an exceptional event that celebrates the spirit of trail running and inspires participants to push beyond their boundaries.

Finishers of the event will earn their well-deserved ranking points either under the elite or the Age Group categories (20-24,25-29,30-34,35-39,40-44,45-49,50-54,55-59 and 60 and above). Check out the mechanics and the current leaderboard standing at PHILTRA CHAMPIONSHIPS - philtra.ph

The organizing team is committed to ensure the event’s compliance with PHILTRA Trail Running Standards and ITRA guidelines for organizers as part of the Qualifiers and as a Philltra Recognized Race. For Organizers - philtra.ph


This event supports and is a member of the International Trail Running Association (ITRA). Participants shall get ITRA points and will be ranked based on their performance in the ITRA National League.

Our Green Charter Commitment

The event shall ensure that:

It respects and conserve nature, its flora and fauna, natural habitats and landscapes.

It will aim to Integrate sustainability into event organization.

Preserve and protect our trails and keep them litter-free.

Reduce waste at source and support recycling.

Reduce the event’s carbon footprint.

Raise awareness of participants, volunteers, sponsors, suppliers and partners (collectively, “stakeholders”) about the importance of an environmentally friendly approach.

With this, we will implement an option for participants who prefer not to receive their medals and event shirts. In exchange, a donation will be made for them for the funds of the Philippine Trail Running Team for 2023.

Philtra will also launch a pre-loved project in relation to our local grassroots program.  

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