Pamutan Trailfest 2024

August 17, 2024


Registration Ends

Race Categories and Fees


  • Early Bird (June 7 - June 16, 2024) - 1000
  • Regular - 1100


  • Early Bird (June 7 - June 16, 2024) - 1700
  • Regular - 1800


  • Early Bird (June 7 - June 16, 2024) - 2000
  • Regular - 2200


  • Early Bird (June 7 - June 16, 2024) - 2600
  • Regular - 2800


  • Event shirt (high quality full-sublimation by Salt+Fin)
  • Event Insurance (via PhilTRA)
  • Timing Chip (via RaceYa)
  • Race Bib
  • Aid Station
  • Finisher Medal
  • Post-race Meal


  • Commemorative distance category map shirt (high quality full-sublimation by Salt+Fin)

This optional shirt is available at an additional 450 pesos (discounted S+F rate) upon checkout.

Shirt Size Chart


  • Trophy for top 5 male and female for each category
  • Recognition medal for Age Category top finisher for 22K and 54K male and female (19 and below, 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50 and above)
  • PhilTRA qualifying points for Elite (top 5 male and female) and Age Category for short distance and long distance.


  • Pamutan Trailfest is open to anyone 15 years or above as of the date of the event. If a competitor is below 18 years of age on race day, parental consent is required. This must be signed off for on the Waiver and Release Agreement at the time of race pack collection.
  • Medical Certificate is mandatory for 54K and 22K

Mandatory Gear

  • Mobile phone. The number provided to organizers during registration. Must be able to make and receive calls.
  • Valid picture ID
  • Emergency Blanket (mandatory for 54K, recommended for other categories)
  • Hydration bladders/bottles with a minimum capacity of 1 liter for 54K and 22K and 500mL for 12K and 6K. Bottles must be filled up at the start of the race.
  • Whistle
  • Reusable drinking cup (strictly no single use plastics)
  • Wind breaker/jacket (mandatory for 54K, recommended for other categories)
  • Basic first aid kit, and personal medicines
  • Headlamps with functional battery + spare battery (mandatory for all distances except 6K)
  • Personal food (energy gels, bars, etc)
  • Cash

Below is a list of additional items for consideration (recommended items)

  • Trekking poles
  • Spare headlamps
  • Shoes with a good grip
  • Utensils (not mandatory but no disposable cups and utensils at aid stations)
  • Sunglasses
  • Cap/visor
  • Scarf/buff
  • Gaiters for loose soil terrain
  • Long sleeves
  • Protective tights
  • Anti-chafing cream
  • Smart sport watch (loaded with course track)
  • Money (small change for drinks/snacks)
  • Life, accident or travel insurance

We do not provide drinking cups and disposable utensils at aid stations, in order to reduce waste. Runners must bring their own drinking cups and utensils.

Race Day Reminders

All runners will need to complete runner check-in one hour before their gunstart at the race venue.

  • Bring your valid ID to check-in.
  • Prepare all mandatory gears and have them inspected by race officials.
  • Baggage counter is available at the race venue. There are no drop bag stations for all categories.
  • You cannot change or modify your race distance on race day.
  • Runner Emergency Contact must be a contact who can be reached on race day.
  • All runners must start together and at the declared gunstart. Late start is strictly not allowed. Runners who fail to check-in before the gunstart will be considered DNS (did not start).

Race Rules

  1. Your race bib must be worn visibly and facing forward at all times. Do not fold or hide your race bib.
  2. You must complete the marked course on foot under your own power. Shortcuts are not permitted and are grounds for disqualification. Please always stay on the marked course. If you get lost, return to the last sighted marking or checkpoint. Please contact the Race Director or the Technical Director in any emergency situation.
  3. You must check in at each aid station (AS) manually or at checkpoint (CP) through a timing scanner. Failure to do so will mean you will not be registered as completing the race course and you risk disqualification or not being ranked. Final AS and CP locations will be posted at least one week before the race.
  4. You may use trekking poles but carefully stow them away when not being used to avoid inconvenience or harm to other runners.
  5. Be courteous to locals. If needing to pass through gates/fences (especially fences for livestock) make sure to close them after you pass.
  6. Do not cause harm or endanger animals including pets, livestock, or wild.
  7. Do not bushwhack. Do not step, break, or grab plants especially crops that were planted by locals. Runners will be charged the cost of damage when caught or proven to have intentionally damaged crops/plants.
  8. Course sweepers are following behind the last runner and removing the markers. If you are towards the back of the race, make sure you do not step off the course and let the sweepers overtake you as the markers will then be removed and you may not be able to follow the course.
  9. Always walk on the right side with traffic coming towards you on roads unless advised by the course marshals.
  10. If you need first aid help on the course you must use the emergency phone numbers provided for the race (printed on your race bib) to contact event organizers who will arrange to retrieve you if required.
  11. No Littering! All litter must be carried to the next water station where it can be disposed of. Please bring a zip lock bag for your trash. Runners caught disposing of rubbish on the race course will be penalized heavily or disqualified in severe cases.
  12. No outside support is allowed along the race course. Anyone caught receiving outside support will be automatically disqualified. Running teams are not allowed to support their runners on the race course unless authorized by the race organizers and only by partnering/volunteering as an aid station that is available for all runners.
  13. Runners are permitted to buy from local shops/stores that are accessible along the route.
  14. Unregistered pacers are not allowed. Runners caught being followed by unregistered pacers will be automatically disqualified.
  15. The use of support vehicles is not allowed. Runners caught engaging, riding, or receiving outside help from support vehicles will be automatically disqualified.
  16. Any tampering with course marking or other actions that are deemed against a fair and sporting spirit is unacceptable and will result in disqualification.
  17. Withdrawal from the race can only take part at aid stations. You must clearly inform the race officials of your intent, and your race number will be removed. It is the runner’s responsibility to transport himself out of the location where he/she pulled out from the race.
  18. You must always carry the compulsory gear during the event. Random gear checks will be performed during the event. Any participant with missing mandatory gear may be disqualified.
  19. The Race Director reserves the right to delay the start time, bring forward the start time, modify the race course if necessary be it to extend the distance or reduce the distances and/or modify the cut-off times if safety becomes an issue. The Race Director also reserves the right to cancel the event if necessary and to postpone or move the event date to a later date for safety/security reasons.

Extra Information + FAQs

  1. All runners are responsible for ensuring they are medically fit to participate in this event.
  2. Runners accept that the route is challenging and at times designed for runners who are conditioned and trained for such an event. Please train hard.
  3. Runners understand that medical response to emergencies may be slow due to the nature of the event.
  4. Runners agree that the organizers and sponsors will in no way be held responsible for any loss of, or damage to property as a result of participation in the event.
  5. Runners understand and accept the race organization reserves the right to alter the date or cancel the event in case of severe safety issues beyond the control of the organizers.
  6. The organization reserves the right to withdraw the privilege of running in this race if an individual is found to be acting against the spirit of the race.
  7. Runners understand and accept the organizers reserve the right to make changes to the published race course for safety reasons and as deemed necessary at any time.
  8. Runners understand that runners are prohibited from swapping, selling, or transferring race slots/race entries/race bibs to another person without the express permission of the organizing team.
  9. No refunds are payable for runners of this event who withdraw, do not show up for registrations or do not turn up to compete in the event.
  10. Complaints and disputes must be raised immediately to the race crew at aid stations, check points, and at the start/finish line and must be duly supported with evidence before the awarding ceremony. Once announced and awarded, all results are final and irrevocable

  • Any runner who is unable to finish the run must personally inform the nearest water station or event staff of their decision to withdraw and make sure their race number is recorded. If you cannot find a race crew, please contact the race or technical director.
  • Runner must be responsible for his/her own transport from the location where he/she withdrew from the race.
  • If you are able to move on your own, please make your way to the closest water station (either return to the water station you just left or go to the next water station). If you are unable to move without assistance, please call the race or technical director and follow their instructions. It will take time to get help to you if you are out on the race course

  • Payments are non-refundable.
  • No refunds are offered for cancellations or postponements of the event due to factors outside and beyond the control of the organizers. Slot shall be availed if the event is postponed to a later date as a result of natural disaster/pandemic, etc.
  • Runners may request a bib swap or name transfer before the closure of normal registrations with an admin fee charge of Php200. Shirt sizes and bib names can no longer be changed for transferred slots.
  • Transferred slots or swapping of bibs before or during the race without the authorization of race officials will result in disqualification, forced pull-out from the race course, or will not be allowed to start.

  • Runners who win the podium must be registered runners.
  • Runners are responsible for the personal data entered during registration. If there is inaccurate information, the organizer has the right to cancel the podium.
  • Transferred slots are eligible for podium finish as long as the transfer was authorized by the race organizers and has gone through the proper transfer process including and especially the update of timing chip data.

If the event does not take place for reasons relating to pandemic or emergency stated by officials, where possible, we will reschedule the event for a later date. If this happens, you will not need to do anything. Your event registration and any additional purchases will be automatically moved to the new event date. If you cannot make the rescheduled event date, you will be given an opportunity to defer your entry to the following year.

  • The race organizer also reserves the right to cancel, modify or cut-off the trail race for the following reasons:
  • Natural disasters (or declared warnings issued by government agencies). In such a case, the race course cannot be changed to continue the race, nor will the race be postponed to a later date.
  • The inability to ensure runners safety due to earthquake, typhoon, flood, landslides, incidents, accidents, epidemics and/or pandemics. The race organizer reserves the right to make judgments and decisions regarding the shortening/cancelling of the race.
  • The decision as to whether or not the race will be cancelled will be made on the day before the race or on the day of the race. This will be communicated via the registration website and official social media.

Do not drop rubbish on the trails. Rubbish bins are provided at all water stations. Anyone caught deliberately littering may be disqualified in severe cases and banned from future events. If you will generate waste on the run, please use a small zip lock bag for your trash and carry it with you.

Registration Ends