FINIS Open Water Swim - Passig Islet 5k Challenge

October 15, 2022


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FINIS Open Water - Mindanao Series

Open Water Swim Race (swim only):
Male: 12 - 13, 14 - 15. 16 - 17, 18 - 19. 20 and Up
Female; 12 - 13, 14 - 15. 16 - 17, 18 - 19. 20 and Up

Awards and Prizes:
Over-all Winners 1.5K, 3K, 5K, Male & Female will get Trophies. Top 3 Age Group Male & Female will get winner medals. All finishers will get finisher t-shirts, finisher medals and post-race snacks and refreshments


FINIS is a Latin word that signifies "the end" or "grand finale." It holds symbolic meaning to the company as it not only contains the word 'fin' (our first product), but the word FINIS also represents the true nature of why we, as swimmers, undergo such rigorous training schedules. We continue to strive and improve upon such an unnatural, but immensely rewarding sport.

FINIS is, and will always remain, whole heartedly committed to the discovery and development of innovative swimming products that enable athletes to meet that "end" or "grand finale" of a finish line that we as competitors and individuals set as a benchmark to become bigger and better than who we are today.


  1. All swimmers must wear the swim cap provided by the event.
  2. Category A will be swimmers without any gear to aid their swim (except for tow buoy for safety). This category will be awarded with a Certificate of Crossing the Caticlan Boracay Channel.
  3. Category B will be swimmers using non-motorised swimming aids such as fins, paddles kkckboards, pull buoys, neoprene suits or shorts or floating vests. No certificates of channel crossing will be awarded to Category B swimmers.
  4. No individual paddlers or escorts are allowed. Safety measures provided by the organizers will be ample for all swimmers.
  5. All swimmers must promptly be at the starting point by 5:30 am for a prompt swim start of 6:00 am. All late arrivals of swimmers will not be allowed to swim. Starting time is based on the low and high tides and the changes of the current directions related to it. For safety reasons late comers will not be allowed to swim or catch up with the swim group that started on time.
  6. All swimmers must follow the swim route shown and instructed at the swim briefing. Swimmers are not allowed to deviate from the established swim course. Swimmers that intentionally stray will be retrieved by the service boats and brought ashore at Manoc-manoc beach. Not following the swim course and instructions may lead to safety risks to you or to other swimmers.
  7. A swimmer experiencing difficulty and in need of assistance shall raise an arm overhead, pump it up and down, and call or seek assistance. A swimmer, who has received assistance, whether voluntary or involuntary, must retire and withdraw from the remainder of the race, unless such assistance did not aid the swimmer in making forward progress. No swimmer shall return to the race if the official rendering assistance requests that the participant withdraws from the race or receive medical assistance.
  8.  After the channel crossing, the swimmers may leave the event although hydration and some snacks will be provided to the swimmers.
  9.  Swim Certificates can be claimed at the registration desk of the Finis Boracay Newcoast Open Water Swim Festival by the Belmont Hotel Lobby.


The swim will start by the Tabon Port Beach all the way to Manoc-manoc Beach at Boracay Island. The swim route will be lined with highly visible pyramid buoys as. There will be no rope lines to connect the buoys so make sure you “sight” your swimming direction frequently so you won’t be lost. Markers for sighting will be multiple the yellow Finis wind flags at Manoc-manoc beach in between 2 Finis Cube buoys.

A Medic’s table and ambulance will be positioned at the main road adjacent to the beach near the wind flags or any medical emergency.

Swim marshals composed of lifeguards and coast guards will be on kayaks, rubber boats with standby scuba divers or in paraw boats will be positioned strategically throughout the spread of the swimmers from the leaders up to the tail end swimmers for proper safety monitoring.


In accordance with IATF and NCC directives, the use of masks in all public places are required.

  • Pre-Race Requirements:
    • Download and sign the Waiver, Health Declaration Form, Pledge of Adherence to all safety protocols.
    • Request for a Medical Certificate of Fit to Race.
    • Prepare Parental Consent for minors joining the race.
    • Prepare the Vaccination Card.

Race Protocols:

  • Upon registration, each participant is required to submit a signed Health Declaration Form for contact tracing purposes, as well as a duly-signed Pledge of Adherence to all safety protocols.
  • Working spaces and manpower deployment will be organized in a manner where physical distancing is respected.
  • All pre- and post-race activities shall be socially distant or done virtually where possible.

• Post Race Protocol:

  • At the end of this event, the local organizers will keep records of all involved for future reference should the need for contact tracing arise.
  • Participants, members of the LOC, Technical Officials, volunteers and all involved in the FINIS SPRINT TRIATHLON shall undergo a post-race self quarantine and monitoring for 7 days. If anyone experiences common symptoms like fever, dry cough, tiredness, aches and pains, sore throat, diarrhea, headache, loss of taste or smell, they should contact the Finis Organizing Committee so Finis can advise them what to do and conduct contact tracing accordingly.
  • FINIS shall continue to monitor the status of its participants for the next 7 days after the event.
  • Use StaySafe.PH as a tool to monitor all concerned.


Online registration thru RACEYAYA

Registration matters, email [email protected]
Race Event matters. email [email protected], cc: [email protected]



Participants can only register via, Participants should ensure they have read all race and event details, rules and protocols and agree to the terms of participation by ticking it before submitting registration.

1. Registration is only confirmed after payment. Paid fees are non-refundable, non-transferable & non-creditable to future FINIS races.

2. Participants should read all details and FAQs in this page and the terms and conditions before submitting their registration.

3. Participants should use an accessible email where confirmation and event updates and announcements will be sent, if any. Updates may be posted and updated in this page and in FINIS and RaceYaya social media accounts. It is the participants responsibility to be informed of any updates.

Please read the TERMS AND CONDITIONS on the use of the Registration Platform.

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