OCR 800m

May 14, 2022


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The OCR Track 800M is happening at the Vermosa Hub Oval Track on May 14-15, 2022. This is a qualifier for the OCR Short National Team.

The following categories are open for registration for POSF and Non-POSF members.

400m and 800m Individual race:

  • Track OCR 400m and 800m: Male and Female Elite Athletes
  • Track OCR 400m and 800m: Male and Female Age-Groups Athletes without Disabilities: 8-11, 12-14, 15-19, 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50 & above (based on birthyear)
  • Track OCR 400m: Male and Female Para-Athletes: P1, P2-P4, P5 (B1-3)

Team Team Relay (4 Person/Team): Open for Athletes without Disabilities

  • All Male
  •  Mixed (2 Male and 2 Female)


Registration Starts: 12nn, April 18, 2022

Registration Ends: 12nn, May 10, 2022 (or earlier when slots are full)

Priority in Registration:

  • Members of National Team (must join Elite category, not age-groups)
  • Members of Developmental Pool (must join Elite category, not age-groups)
  • Members of POSF
  • Others

Registration Fee:

  • Free: Members of National Teams - Please register and submit. Skip payment for the fees.
  • P400: Members of Developmental Pools and Para Athletes - Please use the code provided by the Head National Coach
  • P800: POSF Members 
  • P1,000: Non-POSF Member

Participant may register for the 400M individual here and relay event here.  

Participant should take note of the following before registration:

  • Registration is non-refundable and non-transferrable.
  • Participant should read all event details and rules, registration and participation terms and conditions before registration.
  • Participant should use an email that is accessible during the time of registration to event day to keep posted on any event changes or updates.
  • The event details and rules may change without prior notice. This will be announced via email, social media pages and in this event page.

The AVSH has an IAAF standard 400m track oval.  This will be the venue of the OCR-OVAL 400M/800M.

Click to know more here



Obstacle Course Race is on a standard 400m running track consisting of a start line, 12 obstacles and a finish line.

  • OCR 400m- 1 full loop
  • OCR 800m - 2 full loops
  • Team Relay (1,600m) -  4 full loops 

12 Obstacles
2) Monkey Bars
3) 6ft wall
4) Ring Rig
5) Z Balance Beam
6) 4 Wheel Rig with Trampoline
7) Carry
8) Tilting Monkey Bars
9) 8ft Wall
10) Cliff Hanger
11) Laser Pistol Shooting
12) Slip Wall

Practice Sessions

1. Onsite (Vermosa Track Oval)
o May 10 – 12 (3 days)
o 6-8am | 8-10am | 10am-12nn | 1-3pm | 3-5pm
o Prior reservation with POSF Secretary General Angel Requinala (09983961160)
2. Obstacle Sports Factory with Laser Pistol
o April 25 – May 13
o 6-8am | 8-10am | 10am-12nn | 1-3pm | 3-5pm
o Prior reservation with Beth Morales (09173018013)


Track OCR 400m and 800m Individual events

a. Timed obstacle course race

b. Individual time trial (i.e., 1 athlete at a time and not head-to-head)

c. Fastest Time/ Fastest Athlete Wins

d. Runs

o Elite and Age-Groups: 1 run for the Elimination/ Qualifying Round and 2 runs for Championship Round/ Finals

o Para-Athletes: 1 run

e. Finals

o Elite: Top 10 male and female athletes per category will advance to the Championship round

o Age-Groups: Top 5 male and female athletes per category will advance to the Championship round. If there are less than 5 athletes per category, there will be no Championship Round. The Elimination/ Qualifying Round shall be the final round.

o Para-Athletes: No Finals (Elimination/ Qualifying Round serves as Finals)

f. Championship Round Ranking (i.e., 1st to 5th place)

g. Number of Attempts per obstacle

o Elimination/ Qualifying Round: maximum of 2 fails/ fall (i.e., 3 or more result in DNF)

o Finals: all runs must be clean (no fail/ fall)

h. Minimum of 2 touches/ hold on bars/ rings before tapping the bell

i. Athletes must be at venue at least 1 hour before designated wave.

j. Time limit per run: 10 minutes


 OCR 400m Team relay

a. Categories

o All Male (4)

o Mixed (2 Male and 2 Female Athletes)

b. A team can only have 1 member of the Ninja, and OCR Long and Short National Teams or Developmental Pools.

c. Each Team must have a name.

d. Only 1 round/ Finals (no Elimination/ Qualifying Round)

e. 1 run per Team.

f. No head-to-head matches.

g. Each Athlete will run 400m (Team must complete 1,600m).

h. The Team’s time is taken when the last runner activates the buzzer at the finish line.

i. The team with the fastest time is the winner.

j. The 1st, 2nd and 3rd Athlete must tag/ tap hand of next athlete in plain view of the marshals.

o Tagging must be completed in a Transition Zone (TZ) defined as anywhere between the last obstacle of the current runner and the first obstacle of the next runner.

o Only runners who are tagging or who are waiting to be tagged are allowed in a TZ.

o Waiting runners must assemble in the Waiting Zone (WZ) which is an area defined beside the TZ.

o A runner may only enter their TZ when their next runner is moving on the course.

o Runners who have tagged their next runner must immediately move out of their TZ.

k. Team Members cannot physically assist each other.

l. For the Mixed Team Category: Start order of the team may be any gender

m. Number of Attempts per obstacle

o Elimination/ Qualifying Round: maximum of 2 fails/ fall (i.e., 3 or more result in DNF)

o If one Team Member does not finish, whole Team is DNF (next racer can no longer run)

n. Minimum of 2 touches/ hold on bars/ rings before tapping the bell

o. All Team Members must be at venue at least 1 hour before designated wave.

p. Time Limit per run: 18 Minutes


All athletes are expected to: 

1. Practice fair play/ good sportsperson ship at all times.

2. Adhere to the intent of a rule when the exact wording of the rule may be interpreted in various ways.

3. Athletes are responsible for their own safety and the safety of others.

4. Know, understand and follow the Rules of POSF and World Obstacle.

a. Failure to comply with the Rules may result in an athlete being verbally warned, subject to disqualification, suspension, or expulsion.

b. The nature of the rule violation will determine the subsequent penalty.

c. A suspension or an expulsion will occur for very serious violations of either this Rules or World Obstacle Rules.

d. An athlete may be issued a verbal warning or disqualified for failing to abide by the Rules.

e. The Technical Officials are allowed to assess penalties, even if the infringement is not listed, if the Technical Official deems an unfair advantage has been gained, or if a dangerous situation has been created.

5. Obey instructions from race officials.

6. Treat other athletes, officials, volunteers, media, sponsors and spectators with respect and courtesy.

7. Do not use abusive, derogatory or inflammatory language.

8. Inform a Technical Official immediately after withdrawing from the race. In case the athletes fail to do this before the end of the event, it may result a suspension.

9. Compete without receiving assistance other than from event personnel and officials.

10. Not dispose litter or equipment around the course except at clearly identified places. All items must be kept with the athlete and disposed of appropriately at the end of the race


The following rules will be followed:

1. Completion of all obstacles is mandatory.

2. Run with a covered torso.

3. Run with shoes. Bare feet are prohibited on any part of the course.

4. Athletes finishing with the same time (measured to 1/100th [0.01] of a second) shall be awarded a tie.

5. An athlete is considered to have completed an obstacle when the bell is touched/ tapped in obstacles where bells are provided.

6. An athlete will be judged as “finished” when the athlete activates the buzzer at the finish line.


1. Protests may only be filed by participants who directly observed the subject of the protest, who was directly and personally, involved in any incident relevant to the protest, and who possess direct, detailed, and personal knowledge of the subject of the protest.

2. With respect to each protest filed, the Head Referee shall make an initial determination as to whether the protest complies with all of the provisions of the Article and whether the protest is factually sufficient to support a ruling by the Protest Committee. If the protest is improper or deficient in any respect, the Head Referee shall summarily reject and dismiss the protest and shall not be required to submit the matter to the Protest Committee.

3. The Protest Committee shall be comprised of the Head Referee and two Judges appointed by the Head Referee. The Head Referee shall serve as chairperson of the Protest Committee and shall have full authority to conduct the protest and maintain order. The Protest Committee will issue a final determination with respect to all protests timely filed and not subject to summary dismissal.

4. A protester must verbally notify finish line staff within 5 minutes of crossing the finish line.

5. All protests must be filed in writing and submitted to the Head Referee within 30 minutes after the person filing the protest has crossed the finish line.

6. A protest fee of P1,500 will be required for the protest to be processed. Once the protest is proven to be valid, the protest fee shall be returned to the complainant; otherwise, if the protest is unproven, the fee is forfeited.

7. The Protest Committee shall hear the matter, review the evidence and render a prompt decision. The decision will be posted immediately.

8. The summary dismissal of a protest by the Head Referee or the decision of a Protest Committee shall be final, and official race results shall reflect those determinations. Official results and the determination of any Head Referee or Protest Committee can be subsequently modified only by the POSF Executive Committee pursuant to an appeal.


Penalties will be determined by the severity of the infraction. The minimum penalty will always be 10 minutes. The maximum penalty will be disqualification from the results of the event and/or a loss of prize money. 

 A disqualification is a penalty appropriate for severe rule violations, such as but not limited to, interference with other athletes, dangerous or unsportsmanlike conduct or failure to assist an athlete in distress.


Participants must follow all health protocols:

1. Masks on at all times, except when racing.

2. Mask on at the starting line, athletes will only be allowed to remove their mask when they are on the starting line and on the course during their run.

3. Social distancing (At least six feet apart)

4. Regular hand disinfection.

5. Athletes who fail to observe these protocols, despite constant reminders from organizers, will be asked to leave the venue immediately.


Cash Prizes

1. Individual: Elite and Para Categories

o P15,000 (1st) | P10,000 (2nd) | P5,000 (3rd)

2. Individual: Age-Groups

o P3,000 (1st) | P2,000 (2nd) | P1,000 (3rd)

3. Team:

o P20,000 (1st) | P16,000 (2nd) | P12,000 (3rd)


o If there is only 1 Athlete or Team/ category, s/he/ Team will get the prize for 3rd place.

o If there are only 2 Athletes or Teams/ category, the 1st placer shall get the prize for 2nd place and the 2nd the 3rd.


All finishers will have an OCR Track Medal. Individual 400M and 800M category event participants will get an event shirt.

Each participant shall need a RaceYaya account to gain access to the registration. This will be your perpetual account which will give you access to other features in the platform. If you already have an account, please log-in at register.raceyaya.com.

Choose your event category. Please ensure that you have read the terms and conditions before submitting your registration.

Choose your preferred payment method:

PAYPAL OR CREDIT/DEBIT CARD. You will be directed and asked to log on to your account in paypal after you click submit.

Please complete the transaction before exiting. A successful payment screen will be displayed after completion of payment together with an email confirmation.

Should you decide to exit and shop/pay later, please log in to your account to continue your purchase or payment. Your registration status will change to Paid in your Account Profile.

RACEYAYA PAYMENT PORTAL: DRAGONPAY Once you choose our online payment gateway as your preferred payment method, you will be directed to the Dragonpay screen. Please choose your payment option preference:

• BDO Online BDO ATM

• Landbank

• Metrobank Direct

• PNB Online UCPB Connect Other banks listed,

• Payment Centers

• Bayad Center

• Cebuana Lhuillier

• M.Lhuillier

• E-Wallet

• Dragonpay Credits

• Paymaya Installment Payments (Please create a Tendopay or Billease account.

TendoPay Installments you will receive an email/text from Dragonpay containing your payment details and instructions on how to pay with your chosen bank or payment center. You may also view our detailed instructions to some of our channels by clicking the link https://www.dragonpay.ph Make sure to follow the correct instructions and don’t forget to VALIDATE your payments for the follow channels: BDO Online Banking, Chinabank Online ATM/OTC Banking, Rural Net, and UCPB.

An email acknowledging receipt of payment is automatically sent. Please check your SPAM or PROMOS folder in your email account. A registration confirmation email will be sent to racers within 24H after validation.

Yes you can. However, we would only allow you to join when you are fully vaccinated. Please complete your innoculation before the event.

PENDING: After submission of registration and before payment, your registration is set to PENDING PAYMENT if you SUBMITTED BUT IS NOT PAID:. This will change after you have paid via Dragonpay or Paypal. Pay by following these steps: Log-in to raceyaya.com, click your profile, click pending payment and choose you payment method.

PAID: Your status is set to PAID after successfully paying via Paupal, your payment is paid via Dragonpay


Your status is set to Registered when registration is confirmed. You will also receive an email confirmation. You may start logging on to time.raceyaya.com to start your race.

You may click the upper right button to visit your profile to view your registration details and return to payment screen. Click PENDING PAYMENT and follow the instruction on the screen.

PENDING: After submission of registration and before payment, your registration is set to PENDING PAYMENT if you SUBMITTED BUT IS NOT PAID:. This will change after you have paid via Dragonpay or Paypal. Pay by following these steps: Log-in to raceyaya.com, click your profile, click pending payment and choose you payment method.

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