Mount Polis 50 Trail Run 2023

December 17, 2023


Registration Ends

Date: December 17, 2023
Assembly time: 5:00AM at Kalimbatawa, Otucan Sur, Bauko, Mountain Province
Categories: 10Km, 21Km and 50Km

Registration fee:

Category and Registration

  • 50Km - Php 2, 800.00
  • 21Km – Php. 2,500.00
  • 10Km - Php. 2000.00


  • Registrations
  • Environmental Fees
  • Race BIB
  • Carbo loading
  • Aid Stations
  • Post Run Meal
  • Finishers Medal (10 km, 21 km & 50 km Finishers)
  • Event Shirt – (10K, 21k & 50k Finishers)
  • Markers

Gun Start will be at exactly 6:00AM

with cut-off time at 14 hours (50K), 8 hours (21K)


Participants should come to the event physically prepared for the rigours of the trail.

Everyone must understand very well that the Mount Polis Trail Run is a high altitude trail race with elevations exceeding 2000m above sea level. Given the innate challenges such as physical and mental fatigue which are to be expected in doing a race of these distances and for no other reason but the safety and welfare of all those involved in the event, runners without the adequate entry requirements will not be allowed participation and without exception. Hereunder are some of the risks, but not only limited to such, involved in doing the events;

  • High Elevation 2000m and above
  • Long, steep climbs
  • Extended distance and time between aid stations
  • Severe weather, including heat, cold and rain
  • Water crossings
  • Exposure to potential for falls along ridge lines and mountainsides


1. Fully-charged working mobile phone containing the number of JOMAR (09497004977/09568540019) . It is required that the mobile phone is on at all times during the duration of the race.

2. Headlamp and/or flashlight with battery power to last for at least 8 hours.

3. Water carrier (bladder, hand-held bottles, etc.) with volume of at least 1000ml for 10kms and 1,500ml for 50kms and 21kms

4. Whistle

5. Rain Jacket/thermal blanket/wind breaker

6. 1500-2000 calories of food for those running the 21K and 50K.


1. All participants are required to submit Medical Certificates to guarantee they are fit to engage in this activity

2. 0nce registration has been duly processed, there will be no refund for participants who for whatever reason do not eventually take part in the Mt. Polis Mountain Run 2023

3. Race category and race entry are strictly nontransferable.

4. No littering of any kind is allowed within our race track.

There will be designated trash drops at each aid station that the runners can use to dispose of their waste.

5. The race route will be passing through villages, so please respect the locals and their culture.

6. Help any competitor who needs assistance along the trail.

7. No Smoking anywhere within the course.

8. There will be cutoff time for the 21k and 50K runners. This is for the safety of everyone.


Registration Ends