License to Run

June 16, 2024


Registration Ends

In its second year, "License To Run" continues its mission of fostering professionalism and excellence across industries. Building on its successful debut, the program refines its application process for aspiring professionals, making it more streamlined and accessible through online platforms.

"License To Run" strengthens its support for licensed professionals by introducing advanced professional development opportunities, including tailored workshops and mentorship programs. Additionally, it enhances regulatory oversight to ensure compliance with ethical standards, safeguarding public trust in licensed professionals.

Emphasizing community engagement, the program facilitates dialogue and collaboration among professionals, industry associations, and the public through various outreach initiatives. Leveraging technology, "License To Run" implements digital solutions to improve efficiency and accessibility, empowering professionals to navigate their professions with confidence.

As it enters its second year, "License To Run" remains dedicated to upholding the highest standards of professionalism and competence, fostering a culture of integrity and excellence within the licensed professional community.

When: June 16, 2024
Where: Rio Boulevard, Cagayan de Oro City
Registration runs from April 22, 2024 to June 8, 2024


10KM - ₱750
3 CPD units and other activities with another 3 CPD units each for FREE

📌 Bloodletting June 19

📌 Tree Planting June 22

📌 Mental Health Seminar August

📌 Financial Literacy Seminar September

All activities

5KM - ₱500

3KM - ₱420

For 10kms Runners, to avail of the 3 CPD points licensed professional must register at:

Continuing Professional Development Accreditation System

Registration Ends