1st Danao City International Ultra Trail

January 27-28 2024


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Danao City International Ultra Trail: Experience Nature's Challenge. Join us for an unforgettable adventure through Danao City's rugged terrain, where athletes from around the world come to test their limits. Explore lush forests, rocky trails, and stunning vistas as you conquer the ultimate ultra trail experience in the Danao City, Cebu, Philippines.

Calling all kids ages 19 and below to join the Batang Philtra.

Batang Philtra is designed to inspire and engage young individuals in a fun-filled, energetic experience that promotes health, fitness, aan active lifestyle and a love for the outdoors through the sports of trail running. The grassroots initiative aims to bring together youth from all walks of life to celebrate the joy of running and encourage the adoption of healthy habits. This event also serves as qualifying event for the Under 20 Philtra Championship Series.

The first leg for 2024 is happening on January 26, 2024, hosted by Danao City before the 1st Danao City International Run.



Batang Philtra Longsleeves



When registering the 1st Danao City International Ultra Trail, participants agree to respect the environment and the natural areas they pass through. In particular:

  1. Littering is strictly forbidden (gel tubes, paper, organic, plastic wrappers. Trash/Rubbish bins are available at each Aid Station and they must be used. The race stewards will checking all along the race route
  2. All participants must keep their rubbish and wrappers with them until they can throw them in the bin at aid station. Runners should carry a bag or pouch to carry their waste until the next bin
  3. You must follow the paths as they are way-marked, without short cutting them. Any runner caught short cutting is automatically disqualified
  4. No disposable dishes (cutlery, cups, bowls) will be distributed at any checkpoint or aid station. This is to reduce the plastic waste of runners as well as by the volunteers. We invite you to bring your own utensils if you wish to eat hot meals at the aid stations

Every competitor expressly forgoes the right for any images during the event

The information is collected as part of the registration for the 1st Danao City International Ultra Trail, for the needs of the organization and in particular to identify each competitor in order to communicate them information related to his/her participation before, during and after the event.

Race Bibs are handed over to each runner upon presentation of:

  1. A valid photo ID
  2. Your race pack and all items on the mandatory equipment checklist.

The race bib must be worn on the chest or stomach and must remain permanently and completely visible during the whole race. It must always be placed on top of all clothing and must be positioned on a leg or on the pack. The bib is the pass to access aid stations, medical points, bag drop off and pick up areas. The bib is only withdrawn if the runner refuses to comply with the race director’s decision. If the runner abandon the race, the bib is cut and deactivated.

100KM: at the bib distribution and race pack check, each participant receives a 30L bag After filling it with the items of their choice and closing it, they can drop it off at the welcome center of Danao City Hall. The bag will be taken at the Dop Bag Section along the course. After arriving at the Drop Bag Section they must withdraw their bag. When they leave the aid station they must leave- in person- their bag in the allotted area. The bags are then returned to the welcome are at Danao City Hall

Along the race route, there are some points where runners can get food and fluids. Aid stations supply fluids and food for consuming in site. Water and energy drinks from filling water bottles/hydration packs and a personal beaker is mandatory. The runner must make sure when leaving the aid station that they have the necessary quantity of food and fluids to keep them going until the next aid station.

Runners are checked upon arrival at an aid station and at some security points. Unexpected check points are set up along the route. Their location is not communicated to runners.

Way markers are made of a yellow reflective material that catches the light from your headlamp, so that you can easily spot them even at night. WARNING: if you cannot see any way marker, you are probably on the wrong path, so turn back.


  • 100km 0400am Saturday
  • 50km 0500am Saturday
  • 30km 0400am Sunday
  • 15km 0500am Sunday


  • 100km 30 hrs
  • 50km 15 hrs
  • 30km 9 hrs
  • 15km 4 hrs

The cut off time are calculated to allow participants reach the finish within the time limit. In order to authorized continue a race, all participants must leave the check point/aid station before the cut-off time (whatever their time of arrival at the check point. All participants excluded from the race who wish to continue the route can only do so after having returned their race bib and under their own responsibility.


There are several medical aid stations along the route. These stations are directly linked to the race security headquarters. There is a medical staff at the race security headquarters during the event. Medical stations are intended to assist any person in danger with the organizations own or public means.

It is up to a runner in trouble or seriously hurt to call for the help

By going to a medical aid station

By calling the medical race headquarters

By Asking another runner to alert the security service

Every runner must give assistance to any person in danger and alert the security services. Do not forget that any kind of unexpected events – linked to the environment and the race could make you wait for help longer than expected. Your safety therefore depends upon the quality of the items that you have put in your pack.

All medical, paramedical, first aid and guide staff, as well any person appointed by the race director are able to:

Exclude from the race any participant who is deemed to be unable to continue the event

Demand to any competitor to use any item of the mandatory equipment

Evacuate by any means that runners they deem to be in danger

Refer patients to the most appropriate care structure/clinic/hospital

If the runner’s state of health justifies treatment via intravenous drip, the runner shall compulsory withdraw from the race. Comfort care is based on the decision of the medical staff within the limits of availability. Runners must stay on the marked path even when they sleep. If you need to sleep along the way, you are highly recommended to use the “sleep bib” supplied by the organization. This bib clarifies that you need to take a little nap without being disturbed. Runners who voluntarily venture from the way-marked course are no longer under the responsibility of the organization.


Participant must tap their timing to marshal after crossing the finish line and surrender their timing bracelet.  When you finish your race, you will receive the finisher’s medal, finisher’s singlet. A post race meal will be served.


Runners may take a shower only at the end of the race near the start/finish area.


For each distance, there is a Open Category – men and women and an age category ranking men and women.


Results will be available upon reaching the finish line,  This is subject to further validation.


Except in any case of injury, a runner wishing to abandon the race must do so only at a check point. They must inform the check point team leader or report their drop out at the race headquarters. If a runner wishes to abandon while on the route between 2 checkpoints, they must reach the nearest checkpoint where they must report their drop out. Runners who drop out must keep their race bib because it is the pass to access meals and treatment rooms.

Runners who abandon at any aid station or check point but whose state of health does not require them to be evacuated must return as quickly as possible and by their own means to the nearest point of evacuation.

As for aid stations or security points accessible by car or 4x4

After the closing of the aid station/check point, the organization might repatriate any runners who have abandoned and haven’t left the aid station yet.


If a runner breaks the rules, race director and aid stations/security points team leaders can instantly apply a penalty. See chart


Any complaint must be written within 3 hours before the awarding ceremony.




Frequently Asked Questions

After registering, your registration status can be seen in your profile. Log-in at raceya.fit/login.

Each participant shall need a RaceYa account to gain access to the registration.This will be your perpetual account which will give you access to other features in the platform.

If you already have an account, please log-in at raceya.fit/login. Please ensure that you have read the terms and conditions before submitting your registration.

SUBMITTED NOT PAID: After submission of registration and before payment, your registration is set to

PENDING PAYMENT. This will change after you have paid via GCash or Paypal or have uploaded your bank deposit proof of payment. An email is auto sent with payment instruction for bank deposit.

PAID: Your status is set to PAID after successfully paying via Paupal, your payment is paid via Dragonpay-Gcash or proof of payment is uploaded to your account if bank deposit.

REGISTERED Your status is set to Registered when registration is confirmed. You will also receive an email confirmation. You may start logging on to raceya.fit/login to start your race.

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