Canicross Montalban

April 20, 2024


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Join CANICROSS MONTALBAN happening in April!

Canicross is a sport that involves running off-road while attached to a dog, typically using a waist belt for the human and a harness for the dog, connected by a bungee cord or line. 

The sport originated as a way for sled dog owners to train their dogs during the off-season but it has evolved into a standalone activity enjoyed by dog owners and enthusiasts worldwide. Canicross provides both humans and dogs with an opportunity for exercise, bonding, and competition. It's a great way to stay active, strengthen the bond between owner and dog, and enjoy the outdoors together.

Event Date: April 20, 2024
Location: Joseph Sibal's place at Mt. Parawagan, beside Jets View Deck

Assembly Time: 6AM
Gun Start: 7AM


  • 3KM - 1:1 human and dog
  • 2KM - families with multiple dogs

Entitlements: Finisher’s medal and trophies for top 3 in each category (Male and Female)


-Dog must be attached to the runner at all times

-Minimum age of dog is 6 months.

-Aggressive dogs must wear a muzzle and will be positioned separately in the starting line

-1:1 dog-runner ratio is strictly implemented

-Runner and dog must wear race number (bib)

-Pre-race orientation is a MUST, every runner should understand the rules - and ethics in a Canicross Philippines event

-Any violations (cutting , off-leashing , disrespecting marshals ) must be reported to the race director , a minimum of 120 seconds penalty will be implemented.

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