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Keep Moving Even During Lockdown!

Posted at August 13, 2021

Quarantine restrictions have limited our movements and forced most to stay at home for prolonged periods of time.  This pose a significant challenge for remaining physically active and may cause additional stress that can affect the mental health of some.  Whether you are an active individual or sedentary, lack of physical activity can negatively impact one’s health and compromise the immune system.

WHO recommends 150 minutes of moderate-intensity or 75 minutes of vigorous-intensity physical activity per week, or a combination of both.

Here are some recommendations on how we can avoid to be sedentary even with quarantine restrictions:


Take short breaks and walk around or walk on the spot even in your work spaces.  Stand or walk around while on a call instead of sitting down.  If you have a bigger space outside which allows movement for exercise, walk around while maintaining a safe distance.  Walk, go to places on foot when doing errands nearby (while considering safety).

Take Short Breaks 

Stand up whenever possible.  Do short simple activities within the day like gardening, cooking, mentally stimulating activities. 


Meditation and deep breaths can ease anxiety and help one to stay calm.

Join an online exercise class

There are online exercise classes which you can join. Some are free and can be found online. We have some workout videos at the Department of Health Youtube Account that you can follow. Be cautious and aware of your own limitations especially if you have not done any of those exercises, a guided online class is still a better option.  Watch out for classes that you can book in RaceYaya.

Challenge yourself

Set a goal for yourself. This may be 5 sit-ups per day or 10-minute workout daily or 10000 steps.  You can also join virtual challenges so you can race with other individuals online.  You may check some ongoing virtual challenges in RaceYaya.