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Empowering Filipina Athletes Through Race Ya

Posted at April 04, 2024

During Women's Month, Evident Integrated Marketing and PR spearheaded a forum titled "Equal Play: Accelerating Progress for Filipina Athletes." This discussion delved into the strides made by Filipina athletes in terms of representation and opportunities within the sports landscape.

Throughout the forum, Race Ya CEO Tin Ferrera reflected on her own motivations, prompting her to share a deeply personal insight into her advocacy. Drawing from her own experiences, Tin emphasized the transformative power of sports in her journey.

As the founder of Race Ya and an active member of the Philippine trail running community, she passionately believes in the ability of sports to instigate meaningful change.

Central to her vision is the dismantling of barriers and the promotion of inclusivity and accessibility in sports. She advocates for leveraging digitalization to reach underserved communities, bringing sports closer to them, and fostering a welcoming environment for all athletes, irrespective of gender.

Tin recounted poignant encounters with aspiring athletes that epitomize the transformative potential of sports. She shared the story of Angie, a 23-year-old from Antique, whose remarkable journey from the mountains to the podium exemplifies the profound impact of opportunity. Despite facing formidable odds, Angie's participation in the Philtra Championship and subsequent success showcased the power of sports to transcend socioeconomic barriers.

Similarly, she highlighted the story of a young girl from Cebu, whose chance encounter with trail runners paved the way for a life-altering journey in sports. These narratives underscore the pivotal role of grassroots initiatives and community engagement in identifying and nurturing athletic talent.

For Tin and the Race Ya team, these stories are reminders of the untapped potential within marginalized communities. By providing platforms and opportunities for aspiring athletes, they aim to empower more individuals like Angie and the young girl from Cebu to realize their full potential through sports.

As Tin eloquently puts it, "There are more Angies and more little girls out there, and we hope through our platform, we can meet them, and, through sports, show them what they can do." Through their unwavering commitment to equality and inclusion in sports, Tin and Race Ya are paving the way for a future where every Filipina athlete has the opportunity to thrive and succeed.